Asterisk Webinterface - awi 3.0

Configure your Asterisk PBX as easy as possible

Asterisk as an open-source-software is used in many companies – with big success. An Asterisk PBX enables to build a flexible and professional telephony infrastructure with a maximum of quality and stability. Nonetheless, configuring an Asterisk system properly is complex and needs often a lot of time.

With the ansitel webinterface 3.0 (awi 3.0) it is possible to configure and manage Asterisk easy and comfortable. This includes the management of new or existing peers, music-on-hold, conferences, interactive voice response, queues or virtual faxes. Also special modules like speech recognition or administrative assistant function is easy to implement. Many statistics will inform about busy peers, logged in user or the duration of calls made.

Our innovate Asterisk webinterface is browser-based and thus independend to the used operating system. The awi 3.0 will delivered bilingual with an English and a German language library. In case of other needed languages it is possible to extend the system. Our ansitel webinterface is suitable for small and mid-sized companies up to 600 peers.

Flexible to Your Demands

The ansitel webinterface is a modular webbased software, which can be assembled as to the clients demand. This means, you only order those modules you really need. This enables you to purchase a high-quality Asterisk webinterface to low costs. Additionaly, we only charge a onetime licence fee. If you need more modules later, you can easily extend the awi.

Try our Webinterface

If you are interested in the ansitel webinterface you can visit our demopage ansitel to get a look and feel of the tool. This demo can be used from the admin view as well as from the user view.

Webinterface for Asterisk PBX

Functions of Asterisk Webinterface awi 3.0

The ansitel webinterface 3.0 (awi 3.0) enables an quick and easy management for Asterisk VoIP-PBX. The awi 3.0 consists of the following features:

  • supports all Asterisk hardware
  • independent to operating system
  • Asterisk building set: First, defining all ports before connecting these to the dialplan
  • available in German and English language
  • quick and easy implementation due to installation wizard
  • supports SIP, IAX2- and PSTN/analogous peers
  • supports SIP, IAX2- and PSTN/analogous connections
  • fax-server with fax-to-email and print-to-fax (free clients available)
  • setup and manage conferences
  • setup and manage ring groups
  • setup and manage timing
  • contains a file manager to upload and convert sound files properly
  • manage recording messages
  • manage music-on-hold
  • setup and manage voice-mails (sends voice-mails also via email)
  • management of emergency numbers
  • incoming routes
  • outgoing routes
  • supports all relevant codecs
  • pickup and transfer configuration
  • configuration of timeserver
  • configuration via email
  • configuration via network
  • complete control of Asterisk PBX (restart Asterisk, restart system, shut down)
  • statistics: logged in users, call data records, active calls
  • user and permission management
  • administrator and user frontend
  • phonebook
  • usable at mulitple locations
  • autoconfiguration of snom, yealink and gigaset-phones