Professional Asterisk Support

The Use of Asterisk in Companies

Many companies are using the advantages of an IP PBX or intend to integrate VoIP as an integral part of their telephony infrastructure. Phone systems based on software like Asterisk play an important role in many business applications. Asterisk allows a rapid deployment and development of many relevant phone features, it is suitable to customize the PBX as of the clients demand and it is extremely flexible concerning future developments or enhancements.

Asterisk and Troubleshooting

Nevertheless many Asterisk systems are not configured properly or are partly unsecured, which can cause enormous financial risks. This is mostly as a result of employees who have little experience in installation, configuration and testing of Asterisk.

Since more than ten years ansit-com is professional in installing, configuring and optimizing Asterisk PBX systems. We support any Asterisk based solution from small PBX systems to call center systems. Our way of working is based on a fast, reliable and thorough performance.

We support clients with the optimization of Asterisk specific security issues, with installation of the Asterisk software, with updating or maintenance issues or by solving certain errors.

Asterisk Services

If you need help with your Asterisk system, we are sure to support you in a fast and professional manner. To get an overview about costs and scope of our support service, just get in touch with us.