ansitel KPI reports - individual call center metrics

Analyse your Callcenter Performance

Companies using an intern call center need efficient operating procedures to do business cost effectively. All supervisors need to know details about the performance of their telephony business to optimize all processes. That means that indicators like total calls, missed calls, service levels are known well.

With ansitel KPI-Reports you get an overview about all relevant key performance indicators of your call center system which enables you to optimize the operating procedures on a short run. KPI-Reports is a webbased tool that connects to the call data database of an Asterisk PBX. With these data detailed analyses about the queues and agents of the company can be made. A dashboard shows all relevant KPI at a glance, single reports of each KPI get more spefic data about queues and agents and with the custom report function it is possible to create individual reports based on KPI, timespan and queue.

Currently the following KPI-Reports are available in the basic version:

  • Total Inbound Calls – based on date and/or queues
  • Total Accepted Calls – based on date, agents and/or queues
  • inbound service level – based on date, agents and/or queues
  • Total Outbound Calls – based on date, agents and/or queues
  • Call Abandon Rate - based on date and/or queues
  • Average Waittime - based on date and/or queues
  • Average Calltime - based on date and/or queues

As flexibility and scalability are important for us, the ansitel KPI report tool can easily extended for new indicators. We only need a defintion of the according KPI to implement it within a few days.

The KPI-Reports have a permission based user management, which enables employees only to see KPIs they have to see. The user management also consists of a menu where it is possible to define agentgroups and queuegroups.

Interested in KPI-Reports? Feel free to contact us for more information or a live presentation.